Thursday 7th September:
17.00-18.45: (A) Close Embrace Barrida’s (3-4): Mariana & Damian – piano room

– simple barridas, understanding the techinque to employ wherever the opportunity presents itself with the close leg of the follower. Useful for even those dancers with a great understanding of Barrida’s already.
20.00-00.00: Pre-milonga – DJ Mariana

Friday 8th September:
08.00-10.00: Breakfast
17.00-18.45: (B1) Milonga con traspie (3-4), Mariana & Damian – piano room
How to find the different traspie in milonga and things to dance to look smooth, sexy and in love with milonga!
17.00-18.45: (B2) Musicality (2-5), Bryndis & Hany – kafe
In this workshop we will focus on the phrasing and the different moods in the music and how to build up your dance, inspired by the music.
18.30-20.30: Dinner buffet
20.00-01.00: Milonga – DJ Bryndis 

Saturday 9th September:
08.00-10.00: Breakfast
10.00 – 11.45: (C1) Complex Barrida Family (4-5), Mariana & Damian – piano room

– using the barrida with the far leg of the follower. Learning how to employ the barrida technique, but using the guillotine.
10.00 – 11.45: (C2) Useful steps in social dancing (2-5), Bryndis & Hany – kafe
A crowded dance floor can be a challenge – we will look into how to keep the flow and the rhythm in the dance not using a lot of space.
12.00 – 13.45: (D1)  Finding the Patterns in Vals (2-3), Mariana & Damian – piano room
How do you really find the Vals rhythm! Dancing Vals like a pro – using the accents fluidly
12.00 – 13.45: (D2) Dynamic turns – Let’s turn! (4-5), Bryndis & Hany – kafe
– around common axes, with sacadas and change of dynamics.
13.30 – 15.30: Lunch buffet
15.00 – 18.00: Day-milongaDJ Kjell Frode – piano room
We drive together from the hotel at 14.45.
16.00 – 17.45: (E) Surprice your partner (3-5), Bryndis & Hany – kafe
The unexpected can be produced by change of directions, barridas and paradas.
18.30: Dinner (buffet)
20.00 – 02.00: Milonga – DJ Xavier
22.30-22.50: Show

Sunday 10th September
08.00-10.00: Breakfast
10.00 – 11.45: (F1) Linear to Circular changes in Vals (3-4), Mariana & Damian – kafé

How to use linear movements to circular movements – changing the dynamics you know.
10.00 – 11.45: (F2) Milonga – playful and fun (2-5), Bryndis & Hany – piano room
Working with grounding, contact, repetition and rhythmical variations.
12.00 – 13.45: (G1) – Giro to Boleo’s (4-5), Mariana & Damian – piano room
Using the Giro to lead unexpected and rhythmic boleos
12.00 – 13.45: (G2) Review of all workshops/questions and practice (2-5), Bryndis & Hany – conference room
We will give a short briefing of our themes, and give all couples a personal feed back.
NB: Only suitable for those who have been in our workshops.
13.30 – 15.00: Lunch buffet
15.00 – 18.00: Farewell-milonga – DJ Kjell Frode



Guidance on workshop levels are indicated behind every workshop. Please choose workshops in accordance with your level.
Level 1: For those new to Argentine tango, and for those who have one or more beginner courses and need to build their dance experience.
Level 2: Corresponds to intermediate level. For those who have taken one or more beginner course, and need more basic technique to get the flow of the dance.
Level 3: Experienced 1. For those with good basic elements such as ochos and cross. Dance experience 1-2 years.
Level 4: Experienced 2. For those that have mastered more advanced elements such as giro, sacada, ocho cortado. Dance experience 3-4 years.
Level 5: Advanced. For those that have fluency in their dance and can handle several elements. Dance Experience 5+ years.

Nivåskildring, ver grei å berre melda deg på kurs som passer til ditt nivå!
Level 1: Høver for dei som ikkje kjenner argentinsk tango, og til dei som har eitt eller fleire nybyrjarkurs og treng danseerfaring.
Level 2: Tilsvarer nivå Øva. Då har ein eitt el. fleire nybyrjarkurs, og treng meir basisteknikk for å få flyt i dansen.
Level 3: Vidaregåande 1. Kjenner godt basiselementa ocho, kryss, danseerfaring 1-2 år.
Level 4: Vidarekomne 2. Kjenner godt fleire element som giro, sacada, ocho cortado m.fl. Danseerfaring 3-4 år.
Level 5: Avansert. Har flyt i dansen og handterer fleire element. Danseerfaring 5+ år.


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