Seinsommartango 2017, Fossli hotel Vøringsfossen, 7.-10. september

I år blir Seinsommartango på Fossli hotel med fantastisk utsikt ned på Vøringsfossen.

Bli med og kombiner tango med turar i nydeleg fjellterreng på kanten av Hardangervidda!

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Hotellet frå 1891 – Dette bildet av Fossli Hotel er levert av TripAdvisor

Dansesalen 1 – Dette bildet av Fossli Hotel er levert av TripAdvisor
Dansesalen 2 – Dette bildet av Fossli Hotel er levert av TripAdvisor

Matsalen – Dette bildet av Fossli Hotel er levert av TripAdvisor

Vøringsfossen – Dette bildet av Fossli Hotel er levert av TripAdvisor

Utsikten frå eit hotellrom – Dette bildet av Fossli Hotel er levert av TripAdvisor

«Fossli Hotel, established in 1891, is situated at the innermost end of the Hardanger Fiord in the beautiful Hardanger mountains. The hotel overlooks one of the highest waterfalls in Europe.
The magnificent Vøringsfoss waterfall has attracted the Kings and Queens and, writers and musicians of Norway and Europe to stay at the Fossli hotel for almost 120 years. Edvard Grieg wrote his Opus 66 at the Fossli Hotel.
The hotel which has been family owned for four generations was designed by the famous architect Konow Lund in the Art Nouveau style for visitors to relax in the clear mountain air. The hotel has retained it’s original character to this day.
In the absence of roads in 1891 the building materials which were carried on horseback to the mountain plateau.
We look forward to welcoming you to
The Fossli Hotel.

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Seinsommartango 2016

Skjermbilde 2016-09-04 kl. 09.28.27Ta med kopp og oransje kle, men ikkje nøtter!
Me ber alle om å ta med sin eigen kopp/krus til bruk under kurs og milonga gjennom helga så sparer me miljøet 🙂 
Lørdagskvelden blir det «oransj milonga», så me oppfordrar alle til å ta på litt oransj i form av klede, sko eller anna. Oransj kan fint miksast med svart om du ynskjer. Nokon av deltakarane har sterk nøtteallergi, så me ber alle om å ikkje ta med nøtter på hotellet!
NB! Alle som vil eta på hotellet, må gi beskjed om dette på mail!

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Orange milonga

Bring some orange clothes or shoes and we will color the beautiful dance room at Sauda Fjordhotell in the happiest color. You are allowed to mix it with black if you prefer that, but please add at least a small hint of orange!

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Orchestra workshops

This year we invite musicians to bring your instruments and sign up for two special orchestra workshops. The workshops will be led by Mustafa Elmas, who is a highly experienced composer, conductor and bandoneon player. The workshops will be designed for musicians at different levels. We will work together on four contrasting pieces of tango music: a traditional tango, a passionate tango (such as Pugliese’s La Yumba), a waltz, and a milonga. The music scores will be made available to participants well in advance, so everyone has the opportunity to practice the pieces beforehand.

In addition to the workshops, there will be spaces to practice during the weekend.

When you sign up please let us know which instrument you will be playing. We will contact you with more details of the arrangements.

We need to have your inscription for these workshop before 01.07.16!

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Look who is teaching in 2016!

DSC_3855 M&P på stranda

Welcome to fjord Norway for a breathtaking tango weekend in late summer 2016.
In 2016, Seinsommartango (Late summer tango festival) will take place at Sauda Fjord Hotel, located in Saudasjøen, between fjord and mountains in the south west of Norway.

Saudasjøen lies 4 km southwest of Sauda centre. The village is most famous for the cemetery with Russian graves from World War II, Sauda Fjord Hotel and Svandalen ski resort. Now the place also becomes known for tango.

Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page!

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Overnight hiking tour to Løkjelsvatn

Skjermbilde 2016-08-27 kl. 10.17.19

We are driving from the hotel monday at 10am. We will stop at a small supermarket on our way to the hike if somebody need to buy some food.

The weather is going to be nice, but a little windy, so you need to bring some warm clothes. The path is probably quite wet due to all the rain we got yesterday, so your shoes and maybe socks will be wet. Socks of wool will keep you warm (possible to buy at the super market).


On the hike to Løkjelsvatn you need to bring a backpack with as little as possible, but with at least:

  • Windjacket
  • Extra trousers
  • (Wool) underwear
  • Two pair of extra (wool) socks
  • Fleece/wool jacket or sweater
  • Cap
  • Toothbrush (Birgitte will bring tooth pasta for everybody)
  • Small towel
  • Bedlinen (Birgitte will bring for the Cyprus group)
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Food for the hike monday

Car 1: Håvard, Janice, Salih, Emine
Car 2: Birgitte, Kemal S.
Car 3: Mona N., Hanife, Kemal V., Meryem, Fetine
Car 4: Irene, Gunn, Ilker, Mehmet, Mustafa S.
Car 5: Kjersti (JMs car), Gülsen, Günnur, Serda, Seren
Car 6: Rolf, Ruth

Prices: 240,-/350,- member/non-member
Bring or buy bedlinen: 50,-
Food: approx. 100,-

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The organisers are getting moving with plans for 2016!

Komiteen har vore i Sauda og opplevd seinsommar, fjell og eit hotell med sjel og utsikt.
Du må ikkje vera glad i fjord og fjell for å komma på Seinsommartango, men det hjelper 🙂 Sauda-området har fantastisk natur å by på, så ta gjerne ein ekstra dag fri eller spar ei ferieveke til Sauda.
Me gler oss allereie til neste Seinsommar! Velkommen til Saudasjøen!

In English

The organising committee has visited Sauda and experienced late summer, mountain scenery, and an atmospheric hotel with outstanding views. You don’t have to be fond of fjords and mountains to come to Seinsommartango, but it helps :-). The Sauda area has stunning scenery to offer, so take an extra day or two off, or stay for a longer holiday in the area.
We are already looking forward to Seinsommartango 2016! Welcome to Sauda!

Greetings Birgitte, Tim, Mona og Jon Magne

DSC_4020 DSC_4190DSC_4109 DSC_4240

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